Women Handball World Championship 1968 Soviet Union 16-24.11 suspended
On 30.08 IHF suspended the tournament due to Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia.
Qualification - Europe Qual Women 1968 - 5 teams.
Hungary - Champion, Soviet Union - Host and West Germany - by draw, were pre-qualified.
Japan was the only team outside Europe!
Draw pots were distributed as Ranking of World Championship Women 1965.
Soviet Union and East Germany were in pot 3, because they did not play in 1965 championship.
Group Apot1965
Soviet Union3.
Group Bpot1965
East Germany3.
Group Cpot1965
West Germany1.3.
In December Soviet Union organised a tournament called "As strong as World Championship".
4 teams qualifed to World 1968, Soviet Union, East Germany, Hungary and Romania played.
Final Rankingptswdlgfgans
1. Soviet Union941067:36
2. East Germany941061:37
3. Hungary630244:44
4. Poland420332:511
5. Romania210446:55
6. Bulgaria000524:511
Soviet Union----7:714:716:616:1114:5
East Germany ----13:914:88:719:6
Hungary ----11:710:77:3
Poland ----11:10bt
Romania ----11:10
Bulgaria ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Played at Luzhniki-Sportpalast, Moskva
17.12East Germany13-9Hungary
17.12Soviet Union16-11Romania
18.12East Germany19-6Bulgaria
18.12Soviet Union16-6Poland10-4
19.12East Germany14-8Poland
19.12Soviet Union14-7Hungary9-4
21.12East Germany8-7Romania1-3
21.12Soviet Union14-5Bulgaria
22.12Soviet Union7-7East Germany3-6
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