Women Handball XXIV World Championship 2019 Japam - 30 November - 15 December
24 teams to qualify (14 already known).
Japan - Host
France - World Champion from Women 2017.
Russia, Netherlands and Romania from Europe Women 2018.
Angola, Senegal and DR Congo from Africa Women 2018.
Brazil and Argentina from South America Women 2018.
South Korea, China and Kazakhstan from Asia Women 2018.
Australia as best Oceanian team from Asia Women 2018 - 5th place. If was 6th should be a Wild Card for this quota.
Winner of America NorCa 2019 in May 2019 (Canada, United States, Groenland, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominicana, Mexico).
9 teams from European qualification Europe Qual Women 2019.
Croatia or Germany, Denmark or Swiztzerland, Sweden or Slovakia, Belarus or Norway, Serbia or Poland, Czechia or Montenegro, Macedonia or Slovenia, Austria or Hungary, Spain or Iceland.
Olympic indexWorld index
Europe indexAmerica index
Africa indexAsia index
Oceania indexEurope Qual index
Euro Cups index
World Cup indexOther index
Handball indexTodor66
index Women
XXIV Women 2015 Japan
XXIII Women 2015 Germany
XXII Women 2015 Denmark
XXI Women 2013 Serbia
XX Women 2011 Brazil
XIX Women 2009 China
XVIII Women 2007 France
XVII Women 2005 Russia
XVI Women 2003 Croatia
XV Women 2001 Italy
XIV Women 1999 Norway
XIII Women 1997 Germany
XII Women 1995 AUT,HUN
XI Women 1993 Norway
X Women 1990 South Korea
IX Women 1986 Netherlands
VIII Women 1982 Hungary
VII Women 1978 Czechoslovakia
VI Women 1975 Soviet Union
V Women 1973 Yugoslavia
IV Women 1971 Netherlands
_Women 1968 Soviet Union
III Women 1965 West Germany
II Women 1962 Romania
I Women 1957 Yugoslavia
Qualification Women WQ 2015

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