Men Field Hockey Intercontinental Cup 1993 Asia/Oceania Qualification Singapore (SIN) - 23.10-01.11 Winner South Korea
South Korea qualified to Intercontinental Cup World Men IC 1993.
Malaysia qualified to Play-Off with 2nd from Europe Men WQ 1992 Scotland.
Pakistan pre-qualified to World Men 1994 as 2nd from World Men 1990.
India pre-qualified to World Men IC 1993 as 10th from World Men 1990.
Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. South Korea1151024:4
2. Malaysia840227:8
3. New Zealand832118:4
4. Japan731218:10
5. China630312:10
6. Singapore21053:30
7. Sri Lanka00063:39
South Korea---3:21:14:05:07:04:1
Malaysia --- 2:02:19:112:2
New Zealand 1:0---2:2 5:09:0
Japan ---3:18:15:0
China 1:0 ---1:08:0
Singapore ---1:0
Sri Lanka ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
23.1018:30South Korea3-2Malaysia
23.1020:30Singapore1-0Sri Lanka
24.1016:30South Korea4-0Japan
24.1020:30New Zealand9-0Sri Lanka
26.10 New Zealand2-2Japan
26.10 Malaysia9-1Singapore
26.10 South Korea5-0China
27.1018:00China1-0New Zealand
27.1020:00South Korea4-1Sri Lanka
29.1016:00Japan5-0Sri Lanka
29.1018:00New Zealand5-0Singapore
31.1015:00Malaysia12-2Sri Lanka
31.1017:00South Korea1-1New Zealand
01.1115:00China8-0Sri Lanka
01.1117:00New Zealand1-0Malaysia
01.1119:00South Korea7-0Singapore
Sri Lanka team because a lack of funds used only 2 rooms in their hotel.
1. Malaysia42005:1
2. Scotland00021:5
Scotland 1:3---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Cairo (EGY)
No third game needed
Malaysia qualified to Intercontinental Cup World Men IC 1993.
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