Men Field Hockey World League 2012-2014 Europe - 21 Teams.
- Germany (2), Netherlands (3), England (4) and Spain (5) exempt until Round 3 of World League Men 2014 as ranked among first 8 teams in World Ranking.
- Belgium (13) exempt until Round 2 of World League Men 2014 as ranked among first 16 teams in World Ranking.
- France and Russia exempt until Round 2 of World League Men 2014 as Host of Round 2 Tournamets.
- Azerbaijan and Turkey were put in West Asia Group Asia Men WL 2012.
All other teams played in
Group IPraga (CZE)PolandUkraineBelarusCzechia
Group IICardiff (WAL)IrelandAustriaWalesSweden
Group IIILousada (POR)ScotlandPortugalGibraltarItalyMorocco
Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, Austria, Scotland and Portugal passed to Second Round of World League Men 2014.
Group Ipwlgfga
1. Poland93010:2
2. Ukraine51+118:12
3. Belarus3126:8
4. Czechia101+26:8
Ukraine ---5:43:3
Belarus ---2:1
Czechia ---
datevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Praga (CZE) UTC +02:00
17.0814:45Poland5-0Ukraine3-0 Goals
17.0817:00Belarus2-1Czechia1-0 Goals
18.0814:45Ukraine5-4Belarus3-1 Goals
18.0817:00Poland3-2Czechia2-1 Goals
19.0814:45Poland2-0Belarus2-0 Goals
19.0817:00Ukraine3-3Czechia0-2 Goals
penalties 3-2
Best Player: Artem Ozerskyy (UKR)
Fair Play: Belarus
Group IIpwdlgfga
1. Ireland930018:1
2. Austria51116:6
3. Wales41114:5
4. Sweden00031:17
Austria ---0:05:1
Wales ---4:0
Sweden ---
datevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Cardiff (WAL) UTC +01:00
07.0915:30Austria5-1Sweden3-1 Goals
07.0918:00Ireland5-0Wales2-0 Goals
08.0914:00Ireland5-1Austria2-0 Goals
08.0918:30Wales4-0Sweden1-0 Goals
shoot-out 4-3
Group IIIpwlgfga
1. Scotland124030:0
2. Portugal82+1113:13
3. Gibraltar61+11+17:11
4. Italy411+27:16
5. Morocco0041:18
Portugal ---3:34:26:1
Gibraltar ---3:31:0
Italy ---2:0
Morocco ---
datevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Lousada (POR) UTC + 01:00-
25.0914:30Gibraltar1-0Morocco1-0 Goal
26.0914:30Scotland9-0Morocco3-0 Goals
Shoot-out 3-1 Goals
27.0914:30Scotland5-0Gibraltar1-0 Goals
27.0916:45Portugal6-1Morocco3-1 Goals
28.0911:00Portugal4-2Italy2-1 Goals
29.0914:00Italy2-0Morocco0-0 Goals
29.0916:15Scotland7-0Portugal5-0 Goals
30.0913:00Scotland9-0Italy3-0 Goals
Shoot-Out 2-0 Goals
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