Women Field Hockey XXXII Olympic Games 2020 Qualification
12 teams will play in Tokyo Olympic Games Women 2020 - Host Japan, 4 Continental Champions and 7 from Olympic Qualifications Play-Offs.
Japan won Asia Women AG 2018 and Asia quota was re-destributed to Play-Offs. 7th Play-Off was added.
Qualified teams to Tokyo 2020
$.JPN JapanHost
NED Netherlands1st Europe Women 2019
No teamAsia Women AG 2018
NZL New Zealand1st Oceania Women 2019
ARG Argentina1st America Women PG 2019
RSA South Africa1st Africa Women OQ 2019
7 teams from Play-Offs
14 teams to Play-Offs
4 highest placed teams from World League Women Pro League 2019 - Australia, Argentina, Germany and Netherlands.
Best 5 (6) teams from Men World Series 2019
Ireland, South Korea, India, Japan, Canada and Spain.
And the 6 highest ranking teams from World Ranking not already qualified - Great Britain, Belgium, China, United States, Chile, Italy and Russia as of World Ranking 09.09.2019.
Draw will be made after all Continental Champions are known.
1st, 2nd and 3rd as from World Ranking will be drawn against 12th, 13th and 14th.
4th, 5th, 6th and 7th as from World Ranking will be drawn against 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.
Pot 1 vs Pot 4 and Pot 2 vs Pot 3
Pot 1: Australia, Germany, Great BritainPot 4: Italy, Chile, Russia
Pot 2: Spain, Ireland, India, ChinaPot 3: South Korea, Belgium, United States, Canada
Draw 09.09.2019 13:00 +2 URC.
Australia 4-2, 5-0 Russia
Germany 2-0, 7-0 Italy
Great Britain 3-0, 2-1 Chile
Spain 2-1,2-0 South Korea
Ireland 0-0, 0-04-3p Canada
India 5-1, 1-4 United States
China 0-2, 2-02-1p Belgium
World Ranking as of June 29.06.2019.
1. Netherlands2578Q
2. Australia2070q PO PL
3. Argentina1938Q
4. England1861q PO rank
5. Germany1793q PO PL
6. New Zealand1683Q
7. Spain1613q PO WS
8. Ireland1480q PO WS
9. Belgium1445PO rank
10.India1443q PO WS
11.China1421q PO rank
12.South Korea1380PO WS
13.United States1223PO rank
15.Chile1085PO rank
16.South Africa983Q
18.Canada823PO WS
-. Russia---rank
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Field Hockey indexTodor66
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