Women Field Hockey Pre-Olympic Tournament 1987 Edinburgh 05-11.04 - Winner United States
Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. United States84018:4
2. Netherlands731114:6
3. Great Britain73114:1
4. South Korea63029:7
5. Ireland21044:15
6. Spain00054:10
United States--- 1:04:01:01:0
Netherlands4:1---0:0 5:03:2
Great Britain ---1:02:01:0
South Korea 3:2 ---5:01:0
Ireland ---4:2
Spain ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
05.04 11:00United States1-0Ireland
05.04 13:00South Korea1-0Spain
05.0415:00Netherlands0-0Great Britain0-0
07.0411:00Netherlands4-1United States
07.04 13:00South Korea5-0Ireland
07.0415:00Great Britain1-0Spain1-0
08.04 13:00United States1-0Spain
08.04 15:00Great Britain1-0South Korea
10.04 13:00Great Britain2-0Ireland
10.0415:00United States4-0South Korea
11.04 Ireland4-2Spain
11.04 South Korea3-2Netherlands
11.04 United States1-0Great Britain0-0
Tournament played for FIH ranking. Virtually the Winner United States qualified for Women 1988.
Netherlands and South Korea were already qualified as World Champion and Host.
Later following FIH ranking Great Britain was invited to play in Women 1988 after beating Soviet Union in a Play-Of in Bacelona (ESP).
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
08.12--:--Great Britain4-1Soviet Union
10.12--:--Great Britain1-1Soviet Union
13.12--:--Great Britain5-1Soviet Union
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