Men Field Hockey World Pro League 2019
New Round Robin home/Away tournament replacing World League and including 9 best teams in the World. India (6.) withdrew and was replaced by Spain (8.).
First 4 teams and best not already quailfied advance to Olympic Qualification Olympic Men_OQ_2020. Virtually all not qualified must advance.
Round Robinpwdlgfgag+-WR
1. Australia00000:001.
2. Argentina00000:002.
3. Belgium00000:003.
4. Netherlands00000:004.
5. Germany00000:005.
6. Great Britain00000:006.
7. Spain00000:008.
8. New Zealand00000:009.
9. Pakistan00000:0013.
Women Pro League 2019
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sat 19.01.19Spain Belgium
Fri 25.01.19Spain Great Britain
Sat 26.01.19Argentina Belgium
Sun 27.01.19New Zealand Netherlands
Fri 01.02.19New Zealand Belgium
Sat 02.02.19Argentina Pakistan
Sat 02.02.19Australia Netherlands
Sun 03.02.19Australia Belgium
Sat 09.02.19Australia Pakistan
Sun 10.02.19Australia Germany
Sun 10.02.19New Zealand Great Britain
Fri 15.02.19New Zealand Germany
Fri 15.02.19Spain Netherlands
Sat 16.02.19Australia Great Britain
Sun 17.02.19New Zealand Pakistan
Fri 22.02.19Argentina Germany
Sun 24.02.19Argentina Netherlands
Sat 02.03.19Australia Spain
Tue 05.03.19Netherlands Germany
Fri 08.03.19New Zealand Spain
Sun 10.03.19New Zealand Argentina
Fri 15.03.19Spain Germany
Sat 16.03.19Australia Argentina
Sun 17.03.19Australia New Zealand
Sun 31.03.19Argentina Spain
Sat 06.04.19Argentina Great Britain
Sun 07.04.19Belgium Pakistan
Wed 10.04.19Belgium Spain
Thu 11.04.19Netherlands Pakistan
Sat 13.04.19Netherlands Spain
Sun 14.04.19Argentina New Zealand
Wed 24.04.19Germany Pakistan
Thu 25.04.19New Zealand Australia
Fri 26.04.19Germany Netherlands
Fri 26.04.19Spain Pakistan
Sun 28.04.19Germany Great Britain
Sat 04.05.19Argentina Australia
Sat 04.05.19Great Britain Spain
Sun 05.05.19Great Britain Pakistan
Fri 10.05.19Spain Argentina
Sun 12.05.19Pakistan Argentina
Mon 13.05.19Spain Australia
Sat 18.05.19Great Britain Argentina
Sun 19.05.19Great Britain Belgium
Wed 22.05.19Germany Argentina
Sat 25.05.19Pakistan Great Britain
Sun 26.05.19Pakistan Belgium
Thu 30.05.19Belgium Great Britain
Fri 31.05.19Pakistan Germany
Sun 02.06.19Belgium Germany
Sun 02.06.19Netherlands Great Britain
Tue 04.06.19Netherlands New Zealand
Thu 06.06.19Great Britain Germany
Fri 07.06.19Pakistan Australia
Sat 08.06.19Belgium Netherlands
Sun 09.06.19Germany New Zealand
Sun 09.06.19Great Britain Australia
Sun 09.06.19Netherlands Belgium
Mon 10.06.19Germany Spain
Wed 12.06.19Germany Belgium
Fri 14.06.19Great Britain Netherlands
Fri 14.06.19Spain New Zealand
Sun 16.06.19Belgium New Zealand
Sun 16.06.19Germany Australia
Sun 16.06.19Pakistan Netherlands
Wed 19.06.19Belgium Australia
Wed 19.06.19Netherlands Argentina
Fri 21.06.19Pakistan Spain
Sun 23.06.19Belgium Argentina
Sun 23.06.19Great Britain New Zealand
Sun 23.06.19Netherlands Australia
Sun 23.06.19Pakistan New Zealand
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