Men Ice Hockey World Championship 2017 Level II -
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Second Level Group B

Group A.

Katowice (POL) 23-29.04
Austria and South Korea promoted to World Men 2018>. Ukraine relegated to Group B of Men II 2018.
1. Austria1240122:4+18
2. South Korea1131+0114:11+3
3. Kazakhstan1131+0113:10+3
4. Poland720+126:17-11
5. Hungary31048:14-6
6. Ukraine100+147:14-7
Austria---5:0 11:03:11:0
South Korea ---5:24:23:12:1p
Kazakhstan3:2 ---1:0g3:14:2
Poland ---2:02:1
Hungary ---5:3
Ukraine ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T
Sat 22.04.1713:30Hungary5-3Ukraine1-12-3
Sat 22.04.1717:00South Korea4-2Poland1-02-1
Sat 22.04.1720:30Kazakhstan3-2Austria2-02-2
Sun 23.04.1717:00South Korea5-2Kazakhstan1-11-2
Sun 23.04.1720:30Poland2-1Ukraine1-01-1
Mon 24.04.1720:30Austria3-1Hungary1-11-1
Tue 25.04.1713:30Kazakhstan1-0gPoland0-00-0
Tue 25.04.1717:00South Korea3-1Hungary0-01-1
Tue 25.04.1720:30Austria1-0Ukraine0-01-0
Wed 26.04.1720:30Kazakhstan4-2Ukraine2-02-2
Thu 27.04.1717:00Poland2-0Hungary0-02-0
Thu 27.04.1720:30Austria5-0South Korea3-04-0
Fri 28.04.1713:30Kazakhstan3-1Hungary2-12-1
Fri 28.04.1717:00Austria11-0Poland3-07-0
Fri 28.04.1720:30South Korea2-1pUkraine0-01-1

Group B.

Belfast (GBR) 17-23.04
Great Britain promoted to Group A of Men II 2018>. Netherlands relegated to Group A of Men III 2018>.
1. Great Britain1550032:5+27
2. Japan1240122:11+11
3. Estonia930214:17-3
4. Lithuania620315:150
5. Croatia310414:17-3
6. Netherlands00056:38-32
Great Britain---4:05:15:24:214:0
Japan ---6:26:24:26:1
Estonia ---3:04:34:3
Lithuania ---3:18:0
Croatia ---6:2
Netherlands ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T
played at SSE Arena. Belfast (NIR).
Sun 23.04.1712:30Japan6-1Netherlands2-04-1
Sun 23.04.1716:00Great Britain4-2Croatia1-01-1
Sun 23.04.1719:30Estonia3-0Lithuania1-03-0
Mon 24.04.1712:30Japan4-2Croatia2-03-0
Mon 24.04.1716:00Lithuania8-0Netherlands2-06-0
Mon 24.04.1719:30Great Britain5-1Estonia2-02-1
Wed 26.04.1712:30Japan6-2Estonia1-04-1
Wed 26.04.1716:00Croatia6-2Netherlands4-05-1
Wed 26.04.1719:30Great Britain5-2Lithuania4-14-1
Fri 28.04.1712:30Japan6-2Lithuania1-03-2
Fri 28.04.1716:00Estonia4-3Croatia1-03-3
Fri 28.04.1719:30Great Britain14-0Netherlands3-08-0
Sat 29.04.1712:30Lithuania3-1Croatia1-12-1
Sat 29.04.1716:00Estonia4-3Netherlands1-22-3
Sat 29.04.1719:30Great Britain4-0Japan1-04-0
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