Women Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 Level II Aalborg (DEN) 25-31.03 - Winner Germany.
Official Designation - Women World Championship Division I - Group A.
Women 2016Women III 2016Women IV 2016Women V 2016Women VI 2016Summary 2016
1. Germany124016:7+9
2. France124115:9+6
3. Austria113+1116:10+6
4. Denmark62313:14-1
5. Norway30+11+310:17-7
6. Slovakia101+47:20-13
Germany promoted to Level I Women 2017.
Slovakia relegated to Level III Women III 2017.
Germany--- 3:23:05:04:2
Austria3:1---4:34:3 4:1
Denmark ---3:2 3:1
Norway --- 4:3
France 2:14:24:1---5:0
Slovakia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2Tatt.
played at Gigantium, Aalborg
Fri 25.03.1613:00France4-1Norway1-04-0160
Fri 25.03.1616:30Germany4-2Slovakia1-13-2154
Fri 25.03.1620:00Austria4-3Denmark2-12-2316
Sat 26.03.1613:00France5-0Slovakia1-03-097
Sat 26.03.1616:30Germany3-2Denmark3-23-2325
Sat 26.03.1620:00Austria4-3Norway0-31-3173
AOT. FT: 3-3. penalties: 1-0. Winner: D. Altmann 6th.
Mon 28.03.1613:00Denmark3-1Slovakia1-13-1325
Mon 28.03.1616:30France2-1Austria1-01-0130
Mon 28.03.1620:00Germany3-0Norway1-03-0157
Tue 29.03.1613:00Austria4-1Slovakia1-01-193
Tue 29.03.1616:30Germany5-0France1-01-0155
Tue 29.03.1620:00Denmark3-2Norway2-13-1215
Thu 31.03.1613:00Germany3-1Austria2-02-0102
Thu 31.03.1616:30Norway4-3Slovakia0-12-2253
AOT. FT:3-3 Golden Goal: L. Aakre 61:44.
Thu 31.03.1620:00France4-2Denmark2-12-2365
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