Figure Skating Team Competition Olympic Games Pyeongchang (KOR) - Friday 09.02, Sunday 11.02, Monday 11.02 Gold Medal Canada
Figure Skating Pairs History
First time in Olympic Programme.
The overall ranking is made of TP - Team points from 8 separate competitions.
Every team can make 2 substitutions during the event. 80 possible points.
1. Canada_73891081010810
2. OA Russia_6631081089108
3. United States_6277967899
4. Italy_5664799777
5. Japan_50103676666
did not advance to Free Program
6. China_184644
7. Germany_162833
8. Israel_139211
9. South Korea_135125
SM - Short Programme Men
SP - Short Programme Pairs
SD - Short Programme Ice Dance
SL - Short Programme Ladies
FP - Free Programme Pairs
FM - Free Programme Men
FD - Free Programme Ice Dance
FL - Free Programme Ladies
Short Programme Men 06.02 19:30TPScore
Short Programme Pairs 06.02 21:10TPScore
Short Programme Ice Dance 08.02 18:30TPScore
Short Programme Ladies 08.02 20:10TPScore
Free Programme Pairs 08.02 22:05TPScore
Free Programme Men 09.02 19:00TPScore
Free Programme Ladies 09.02 20:05TPScore
Free Programme Ice Dance 09.02 21:10TPScore
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