Men Snowboard Paralel Giant Slalom Olympic Games 2018 Pyeongchang (KOR) Saturday 24.02 Gold Medal Nevin Galmarini, Switzerland
Snowboarding HistoryFinlas at 14:28
BF1. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland R1.
BF2. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea+0.43sB3.
SF3. Žan KoširSlovenia R2.
SF4. Sylvain DufourFrance+1.49sB4.

Semifinals - Saturday 22.02 14:18

Winners progress to Big Final. Loosers to Small Final. Lee Sang-ho won from Course Blue.
11. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland R1.
12. Sylvain DufourFranceDNFB4.
21. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea B3.
22. Žan KoširSlovenia+0.01sR2.

Quarterfinals - Saturday 22.02 14:00

Winners progress to Semifinals. All winners in Course Red
11. Sylvain DufourFrance R4.
12. Edwin CorattiItaly+0.19sB12.
21. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland R1.
22. Roland FischnallerItaly+0.06sB8.
31. Žan KoširSlovenia R2.
32. Stefan BaumeisterGermany+3.07sB7.
41. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea R3.
42. Benjamin KarlAustria+0.94sB6.

Eightfinals - Saturday 22.02 13:30

Winners progress to Quarterfinals. All winners in Course Red exept Edwin Coratti (ITA).
11. Sylvain DufourFrance R4.
12. Oskar KwiatkowskiPoland+0.10sB13.
21. Edwin CorattiItaly B12.
22. Alexander PayerAustria+0.33sR5.
31. Roland FischnallerItaly R8.
32. Vic WildOA Russia+0.93sB9.
41. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland R1.
42. Tim MastnakSlovenia+0.38sB16.
51. Žan KoširSlovenia R2.
52. Kim Sang-kyumSouth Korea+1.14sB15.
61. Stefan BaumeisterGermany R7.
62. Sebastian KislingerAustria+0.22sB10.
71. Benjamin KarlAustria R6.
72. Andreas PrommeggerAustria+0.29sB11.
81. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea R3.
82. Dmitry SarsembaevOA Russia+0.54sB14.
Final Ranking
Technical Data
Course Name: PyeongChang Parallel Giant Slalom
Start Altitude: 848m
Finnish Altitude: 693m
Vertical Drop: 155m
Course Length: 595m
Number of Gates: 27
Mostly Cloudy
Snow Temprature: -3C / 32.5F
Temperature at Start: -1C / 30.2 F
Temperature at Finnish: -3C / 32.5 F

Qualification - Saturday 23.02 09:27

First 16 progress to Eightfinals. Run 1 at 9:27. Run 2 at 10:21.
RankingtimeNRun 1Rk.Run 2Rk.Bib
1. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland1:24.78Q41.73s1.43.05s21.12
2. Košir ŽanSlovenia1:24.97Q42.03s3.42.94s18.20
3. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea1:25.06Q42.16s5.42.90s16.14
4. Sylvain DufourFrance1:25.27Q41.92s2.43.35s27.8
5. Alexander PayerAustria1:25.30Q42.43s9.42.87s14.16
6. Benjamin KarlAustria1:25.33Q43.21s17.42.12s5.5
7. Stefan BaumeisterGermany1:25.37Q42.07s4.43.30s25.4
8. Roland FischnallerItaly1:25.44Q43.94s24.41.50s2.7
9. Vic WildOA Russia1:25.51Q43.50s20.42.01s4.19
10.Sebastian KislingerAustria1:25.59Q43.47s18.42.12s5.3
11.Andreas PrommeggerAustria1:25.67Q42.20s6.43.47s28.10
12.Edwin CorattiItaly1:25.70Q42.37s8.43.33s26.6
13.Oskar KwiatkowskiPoland1:25.72Q42.84s10.42.88s15.32
14.Dmitry SarsembaevOA Russia1:25.74Q43.02s14.42.72s12.9
15.Kim Sang-kyumSouth Korea1:25.88Q42.84s10.43.04s20.27
16.Tim MastnakSlovenia1:25.97Q43.15s16.42.82s13.26
17.Rok MargučSlovenia1:25.98 43.78s23.42.20s7.11
18.Andrey SobolevOA Russia1:25.99 42.35s7.43.64s29.2
19.Radoslav YankovBulgaria1:26.04 43.48s19.42.56s10.15
20.Aaron MussUnited States1:26.10 44.12s28.41.98s3.23
21.Kaspar FlütschSwitzerland1:26.26 43.10s15.43.16s23.17
22.Dario CaviezelSwitzerland1:26.39 43.69s22.42.70s11.21
23.Aaron MarchItaly1:26.58 45.19s29.41.39s1.1
24.Jasey-Jay AndersonCanada1:26.76 42.99s12.43.77s30.22
25.Patrick BusslerGermany1:26.77 42.99s12.43.78s31.24
26.Choi Bo-gunSouth Korea1:26.78 43.52s21.43.26s24.25
27.Masaki ShibaJapan1:26.91 44.00s26.42.91s17.28
28.Darren GardnerCanada1:26.94 43.97s25.42.97s19.31
29.Mirko FelicettiItaly1:27.56 45.29s30.42.27s8.18
30.Michael TrappUnited States1:28.14 44.05s27.44.09s32.29
31.Alexander BergmannGermany1:29.25 46.11s31.43.14s22.30
32.Dmitry LoginovOA Russia1:31.00 48.68s32.42.32s9.13
Final RankingtimeQ
1. Nevin GalmariniSwitzerland1:24.781.
2. Lee Sang-hoSouth Korea1:25.063.
3. Košir ŽanSlovenia1:24.972.
4. Sylvain DufourFrance1:25.274.
eliminated in 1/4 Finals
5. Benjamin KarlAustria1:25.336.
6. Stefan BaumeisterGermany1:25.377.
7. Roland FischnallerItaly1:25.448.
8. Edwin CorattiItaly1:25.7012.
eliminated in 1/8 Finals
9. Alexander PayerAustria1:25.305.
10.Vic WildOA Russia1:25.519.
11.Sebastian KislingerAustria1:25.5910.
12.Andreas PrommeggerAustria1:25.6711.
13.Oskar KwiatkowskiPoland1:25.7213.
14.Dmitry SarsembaevOA Russia1:25.7414.
15.Kim Sang-kyumSouth Korea1:25.8815.
16.Tim MastnakSlovenia1:25.9716.
eliminated in Qualification
17.Rok MargučSlovenia1:25.9817.
18.Andrey SobolevOA Russia1:25.9918.
19.Radoslav YankovBulgaria1:26.0419.
20.Aaron MussUnited States1:26.1020.
21.Kaspar FlütschSwitzerland1:26.2621.
22.Dario CaviezelSwitzerland1:26.3922.
23.Aaron MarchItaly1:26.5823.
24.Jasey-Jay AndersonCanada1:26.7624.
25.Patrick BusslerGermany1:26.7725.
26.Choi Bo-gunSouth Korea1:26.7826.
27.Masaki ShibaJapan1:26.9127.
28.Darren GardnerCanada1:26.9428.
29.Mirko FelicettiItaly1:27.5629.
30.Michael TrappUnited States1:28.1430.
31.Alexander BergmannGermany1:29.2531.
32.Dmitry LoginovOA Russia1:31.0032.
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