Swimming 7th European Championship 1950 Wien (AUT) - 20-27.08
Initialy the Championship was to be held at Budapest (HUN). The Hungarian federation could not secure the participation of Western European Countries and Wien was elected to be a Host. After the transfer to Wien, Hungary refused to participate. Great Britain and Spain did not participate because the swimming pool was in the Soviet Ocupation zone of Wien.
Men 100m FreestyleAlex JanyFRAGoran LarssonSWEJoris TjebbesNED
Men 400m FreestyleAlex JanyFRAJean BolteuxFRAHans-Gunther LehmannFRG
Men 1500m FreestyleHans-Gunther LehmannFRGJean BoiteuxFRAJo BernardoFRA
Men 200m BreaststrokeHerbert KleinFRGMaurice LusienFRABengt RaskSWE
Men 100m BackstrokeGoran LarssonSWECornelis KlevitNEDBoris SkanataYUG
Men 4x200m Freestyle RelaySwedenFranceYugoslavia
1. France2417
2. Sweden2114
3. West Germany2 13
4. Netherlands 112
5. Yugoslavia 22
Women 100m FreestyleIrma SchumacherNEDMarie-Luise VaessenNEDGrete AndersenDEN
Women 400m FreestyleGrete AndersenDENIrma SchumacherNEDColette ThomasFRA
Women 200m BreaststrokeRaymonde VergauwenBELLies BonnierNEDJannie de GrootNED
Women 100m BackstrokeHendrika van der HorstNEDGertrud LenbruckFRGGrret GalliardNED
Women 4x100m Freestyle RelayNetherlandsDenmarkSweden
1. Netherlands3328
2. Denmark1113
3. Belgium1 1
4. West Germany 1 1
5. France 11
5. Sweden 11
Men 3m SpringboardHans AderholdFRGG. HernandezFRAWerner SobeckFRG
Men 10m PlatformGunther HaaseFRGWerner SobeckFRGThoas ChristiansenDEN
Women 3m SpringboardMadeleine MoreauFRANicole PelisardFRABirte ChristophersenDEN
Women 10m PlatformNicole PelissardFRAAlma StaudingerAUTBirte ChristophersenDEN
1. France22 4
2. West Germany2114
3. Austria 1 1
4. Denmark 33
Water PoloGoldSilverBronze
Water Polo Europe Men 1950NetherlandsSwedenYugoslavia
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