Men Volleyball Asian Championship 1983 Fukuoka (JPN) - 23.11-01.12 Winner Japan
Japan qualified to Olympics Men 1984.
China to Olympics Men OQ 1984. South Korea and Taiwan were invited.
Final Groupwlgfgapointsratio
1. Japan309:4178/1251.424
2. China218:6153/1501.020
3. South Korea127:6161/1531.052
4. Taiwan031:978/1420.549
China ---3:23:1
South Korea ---3:0
Taiwan ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
29.11CHN China3-1TPE Taiwan52-297-1515-615-415-4
29.11JPN Japan3-2KOR South Korea65-6312-1515-915-138-1515-11
30.11CHN China3-2KOR South Korea54-5315-1015-179-1515-11
30.11JPN Japan3-0TPE Taiwan45-1515-815-715-7
01.12JPN Japan3-2CHN China68-4712-1511-1515-715-315-7
01.12KOR South Korea3-0TPE Taiwan45-3415-1215-1215-10
Final rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Japan7021:4358/1811.978
2. China6222:7384/2261.699
3. South Korea6221:9393/2331.687
4. Taiwan259:16253/3070.824
Group 5-8
5. India5216:7246/2091.177-1
6. Australia4313:12257/2441.053-1
7. Kuwait3511:15205/2790.735-2
8. New Zealand359:18213/2770.769-2
Group 9-11
9. Indonesia247:12151/2130.709-1
10.Hong Kong166:19183/3430.534-1
-. Philippines DNS
Host chosen in Yokahama (JPN) on 24.08.1982.
Japan qualified to Olympics Men 1984.
China to Olympics Men OQ 1984. South Korea and Taiwan were invited.
China and South Korea played in the Olympic Games after Eastern Block no participation.
Group 5-8wlgfgapointsratio
5. India309:090/471.915-1
6. Australia216:390/392.308-1
7. Kuwait123:645/900.500-1
8. New Zealand010:941/900.456-1
Australia ---3:03:0
Kuwait ---3:-
New Zealand ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
29.11AUS Australia3-0NZL New Zealand45-2715-815-715-12
29.11IND India3-0KUW Kuwait45-3315-1215-1215-9
30.11IND India3-0NZL New Zealand45-1415-415-515-5
30.11AUS Australia3-0KUW Kuwait45-1215-815-215-2
01.12IND India3--AUS Australia
01.12KUW Kuwait3--NZL New Zealand
Group 9-11wlgfgapointsratio
9. Indonesia206:045/172.647-1
10.Hong Kong113:474/850.871
Hong Kong ---3:1
Nepal ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
29.11INA Indonesia3-0HKG Hong Kong45-1715-1315-315-11
30.11HKG Hong Kong3-1NPL Nepal57-409-1515-518-1615-4
01.12INA Indonesia3--NPL Nepal

First Groups Round.

First 2 to Final Group. 3rd and 4th to Group 5-8. 5th and 6th to Group 9-11.
Group Awlgfgapointsratio
1. Japan4012:0180/563.214
2. Taiwan228:7175/1651.061
3. India227:7156/1620.963
4. Australia227:9167/2050.815
5. Indonesia041:12106/1960.541
-. Philippines DNS
Taiwan ---3:1 3:0
India ---3:13:0
Australia 3:2 ---3:1
Indonesia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
23.11JPN Japan3-0AUS Australia45-1415-315-315-8
23.11TPE Taiwan3-0INA Indonesia45-1715-715-515-5
24.11JPN Japan3-0INA Indonesia45-1115-315-615-2
24.11IND India3-1AUS Australia55-3310-1515-715-915-2
25.11TPE Taiwan3-1IND India57-4415-412-1515-1215-13
25.11AUS Australia3-1INA Indonesia61-5115-914-1617-1515-11
26.11AUS Australia3-2TPE Taiwan59-5410-1515-84-1515-1015-6
26.11JPN Japan3-0IND India45-1215-815-415-0
27.11IND India3-0INA Indonesia45-2715-1215-615-9
27.11JPN Japan3-0TPE Taiwan45-1915-615-815-5
Group Bwlgfgapointsratio
1. South Korea5015:1232/802.900
2. China4113:5231/763.039
3. New Zealand329:9172/1870.920-1
4. Kuwait238:9160/1890.847-1
5. Nepal143:14112/2260.496-1
6. Hong Kong053:15109/2580.422-1
South Korea---3:13:03:03:03:0
China ---3:03:03:03:0
New Zealand ---3:23:03:1
Kuwait ---3:03:0
Nepal ---3:2
Hong Kong ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Sagamihara
23.11CHN China3-0KUW Kuwait45-1015-215-215-6
23.11KOR South Korea3-0NZL New Zealand45-1015-315-315-4
23.11NPL Nepal3-2HKG Hong Kong71-4615-1715-811-1515-615---
24.11CHN China3-0NZL New Zealand45-315-315-015-0
24.11KOR South Korea3-0HKG Hong Kong45-415-015-315-1
24.11KUW Kuwait3-0NPL Nepal45-1315-215-1015-1
25.11CHN China3-0NPL Nepal45-415-115-115-2
25.11NZL New Zealand3-1HKG Hong Kong52-2815-37-1515-715-3
25.11KOR South Korea3-0KUW Kuwait45-1515-815-415-3
26.11CHN China3-0HKG Hong Kong45-715-115-415-2
26.11KOR South Korea3-0NPL Nepal45-115-115-015-0
26.11NZL New Zealand3-2KUW Kuwait62-4515-124-1515-313-1515---
27.11NZL New Zealand3-0NPL Nepal45-2415-1015-215-12
27.11KOR South Korea3-1CHN China52-5115-1315-96-1516-14
27.11KUW Kuwait3-0HKG Hong Kong45-2415-315-815-13

Teams Composition

6. Australia
Steve Tutton (SA)
Tony Naar (VIC)
Russell Borgeaud (QLD)
Geoff Hart (NSW)
Craig Hoy (NSW)
Ted Kalkhoven (VIC)
Andres Lomp (SA)
Steve Power (ACT)
Chris Regenass (SA)
Trevor Simmonds (SA)
Mark Tutton (SA)
Reg Tutton (SA)
Eddie Vukosa (NSW)
Coach – Mick Wykrota (NSW)
Asst Coach – Brett Stirzaker (SA)
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