Men Volleyball Asia Games 1958 Tokyo, Japan - Winner Japan of both Tournaments

Voleyball 6

Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1.JPN Japan4012:2203/1471.381
2.IRI Persia319:5203/1771.147
3.IND India228:6189/1631.160
4.PHI Philippines136:11192/2300.835
5.HKG Hong Kong042:12129/1990.648
Asia Games 1958 index
JPN Japan---3:03:13:13:0
IRI Persia ---3:13:23:0
IND India ---3:03:0
PHI Philippines ---3:2
HKG Hong Kong ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
25.05IND India3-0HKG Hong Kong45-3515-1215-1315-10
25.05IRI Persia3-2PHI Philippines66-5715-1213-158-1515-1315-2
26.05JPN Japan3-0HKG Hong Kong45-915-415-115-4
27.05PHI Philippines3-2HKG Hong Kong64-6113-1515-76-1515-1315-11
28.05IRI Persia3-1IND India55-4716-1415-119-1515-8
28.05JPN Japan3-1PHI Philippines58-4915-1113-1515-1015-13
29.05JPN Japan3-0IRI Persia49-3719-1715-1215-8
29.05IND India3-0PHI Philippines45-2215-315-915-12
30.05IRI Persia3-0HKG Hong Kong45-2415-915-915-6
31.05JPN Japan3-1IND India51-5216-1415-135-1515-10

Voleyball 9

Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1.JPN Japan4012:0189/1241.524
2.KOR South Korea319:3106/1130.938
3.TPE Taiwan226:6215/1951.103
4.HKG Hong Kong133:992/1170.786
5.PHI Philippines040:12138/1910.723
JPN Japan---3:03:03:-3:0
KOR South Korea ---3:03:-3:-
TPE Taiwan ---3:03:0
HKG Hong Kong ---3:0
PHI Philippines ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
25.05JPN Japan3-0PHI Philippines63-4221-1521-421-13
26.05HKG Hong Kong3-0PHI Philippines65-5423-2121-1421-19
26.05KOR South Korea3-0TPE Taiwan63-5021-1621-1621-18
27.05JPN Japan3-0TPE Taiwan63-3921-1621-1021-13
28.05TPE Taiwan3-0HKG Hong Kong63-27?21-1621-1121---
28.05JPN Japan3-0KOR South Korea63-4321-1821-1621-9
29.05TPE Taiwan3-0PHI Philippines63-4221-1321-1921-10
--.05KOR South Korea3--HKG Hong Kong
--.05KOR South Korea3--PHI Philippines
--.05JPN Japan3--HKG Hong Kong
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