Men Volleyball Asia World Championship 1994 Qualification played 1993 - Winners Japan and China
Round Robinwlgfgapointsratio
1. Japan4012:1193/932.075
2. China3110:3178/1211.471
3. Australia226:6132/1480.892
4. Iran133:9107/1590.673
5. Taiwan040:1291/1800.506
-. Kazakhstan DNS
China ---3:03:03:0
Australia ---3:03:0
Iran ---3:0
Taiwan ---
Japan and China qualified to Greece World Championship World Men 1994.
South Korea was pre-qualified from Men 1993.
Initialy had to be played 2 groups following draw on 28.04 in Lausanne (SUI) see in.
Group A 05-07.11 Seoul (KOR) - South Korea, Taiwan, Iran and Thailand.
Group B 03-05.11 Sydney (AUS) - China, Australia, Kazakhstan.
Japan was qualified directly after the suspension of World Champion Italy. Later this decison was reverted.
South Korea qualified from Continental Championship.
The groups were merged after Japan was included, and Kazakhstan and Thailand withdrew.
Kazahstan DNS because, the FIVB declared two of Kazakhstan's starting players, Sergei Schukin and Alexander Gorbatkov (two of their best performers), ineligible to compete. The pair have Russian citizenship instead of Kazakhstanian. Kazakhstan was beaten finalist from Asian Championship!
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Sydney (AUS)
Sat 06.11.93JPN Japan3-0AUS Australia45-1915-815-615-5
Sat 06.11.93IRI Iran3-0TPE Taiwan45-2415-1015-915-5
Sun 07.11.93AUS Australia3-0TPE Taiwan45-3815-1315-1315-12
Sun 07.11.93JPN Japan3-1CHN China58-4313-1515-1115-715-10
Tue 09.11.93JPN Japan3-0TPE Taiwan45-1415-515-315-6
Tue 09.11.93CHN China3-0IRI Iran45-2515-1115-915-7
Wed 10.11.93AUS Australia3-0IRI Iran45-2015-1015-315-7
Wed 10.11.93CHN China3-0TPE Taiwan45-1515-415-715-4
Thu 11.11.93JPN Japan3-0IRI Iran45-1715-815-615-3
Thu 11.11.93CHN China3-0AUS Australia45-2315-1315-515-5
Australia: Geoff Hart (c), Scott Neubeck, Edi Vukosa (NSW), David Beard (WA), Russell Wentworth (ACT), David Waite, Gabriel Mauerhofer (Vic), Darren Donaldson, Steve Lugge, Bruce Bourner, Scott Neucomb (Qld), Michael Reu (SA).
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