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Links to All Files of Nations Competitions.
MenWomenMen JuniorWomen Junior
XX Men 2019 IranXX Women 2019 South Korea
Men Cup 2018Women Cup 2018
Men 2018 Challenger CupWomen 2018 Challenger Cup
XIX Men 2017 IndonesiaXIX Women 2017
XVIII Men 2015 IranXVIII Women 2015 China I Women under 23 2015
XVII Men AG 2014XVII Women AG 2014
IV Men Cup 2014IV Women Cup 2014 ChinaXVII Men Junior 2014XVII Women Junior 2014
Men WQ 2014Women WQ 2014X Boys 2014IX Girls 2014
XVII Men 2013 UA EmiratesXVII Women 2013 Thailand
III Men Cup 2012III Women Cup 2012 ThailandXVI Men Junior 2012 JapanXVI Women Junior 2012 China
Men OQ 2012Women OQ 2012IX Boys 2012 IranIX Girls 2012 Japan
XVI Men 2011 IranXVI Women 2011 China
Men WQ 2010Women WQ 2010
XVI Men AG 2010 JapanXVI Women AG 2010 ChinaVIII Boys 2010 IranVIII Girls 2010 Japan
II Men Cup 2010II Women Cup 2010 ChinaXV Men Junior 2010 JapanXV Women Junior 2010 China
XV Men 2009 IranXV Women 2009 Thailand
I Men Cup 2008I Women Cup 2008 ChinaVII Boys 2008 IranVII Girls 2008 Japan
Men OQ 2008Women OQ 2008XIV Men Junior 2008 IranXIV Women Junior 2008 Japan
XIV Men 2007 AustraliaXIV Women 2007 JapanVI Boys 2007 IranVI Girls 2007 Japan
XV Men AG 2006 South KoreaXV Women AG 2006 ChinaXIII Men Junior 2006 IranXIII Women Junior 2006 China
XIII Men 2005 JapanXIII Women 2005 China
Men WQ 2005Women WQ 2005V Boys 2005 IranV Girls 2005 China
Men OQ 2004Women OQ 2004XII Men Junior 2004 South KoreaXII Women Junior 2004 China
XII Men 2003 South KoreaXII Women 2003 ChinaIV Boys 2003 IndiaIV Girls 2003 China
XIV Men AG 2002 South KoreaXIV Women AG 2002 ChinaXI Men Junior 2002 IranXI Women Junior 2002 China
XI Men 2001 South KoreaXI Women 2001 ChinaIII Boys 2001 IranIII Girls 2001 China
Men WQ 2001Women WQ 2001
Men OQ 1999Women OQ 2000X Men Junior 2000 ChinaX Women Junior 2000 China
X Men 1999 ChinaX Women 1999 ChinaII Boys 1999 South KoreaII Girls 1999 China
XIII Men AG 1998 ChinaXIII Women AG 1998 ChinaIX Men Junior 1998 IranIX Women Junior 1998 China
IX Men 1997 ChinaIX Women 1997 China
Men WQ 1997Women WQ 1997I Boys 1997 TaiwanI Girls 1997 Japan
Men OQ 1996Women OQ 1996VIII Men Junior 1996 South KoreaVIII Women Junior 1996 China
VIII Men 1995 JapanVIII Women 1995 China
XII Men AG 1994 JapanXII Women AG 1994 South KoreaVII Men Junior 1994 South KoreaVII Women Junior 1994 China
VII Men 1993 South KoreaVIII Women 1993 China
Men WQ 1993Women WQ 1993VI Men Junior 1992 South KoreaVI Women Junior 1992 China
VI Men 1991 JapanVI Women 1991 China
XI Men AG 1990 ChinaXI Women AG 1990 ChinaV Men Junior 1990 ChinaV Women Junior 1990 Japan
V Men 1989 South KoreaV Women 1989 ChinaIV Men Junior 1988 JapanIV Women Junior 1988 Japan
IV Men 1987 JapanIV Women 1987 China
X Men AG 1986 ChinaX Women AG 1986 ChinaIII Men Junior 1986 South KoreaIII Women Junior 1986 Japan
Men WC 1985Women WC 1985
Men WCQ 1985Women WCQ 1985II Men Junior 1984 South KoreaII Women Junior 1984 Japan
III Men 1983 JapanIII Women 1983 Japan
IX Men AG 1982 JapanIX Women AG 1982 China
Men WCQ 1981Women WCQ 1981I Men Junior 1980 South KoreaI Women Junior 1980 South Korea
II Men 1979 ChinaII Women 1979 China
VIII Men AG 1978 South KoreaVIII Women AG 1978 Japan
Men WCQ 1976Women WCQ 1976
I Men 1975 JapanI Women 1983 Japan
VII Men AG 1974 JapanVII Women AG 1974 Japan
Men WC 1973Women WC 1973
Men OQ 1972Women OQ 1972
VI Men AG 1970 JapanVI Women AG 1970 Japan
V Men AG 1966 JapanV Women AG 1966 Japan
Men OQ 1963Women OQ 1963
IV Men AG 1962 JapanIV Women AG 1962 Japan
III Men AG 1958 Japan
_ Men 1955 India

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