Men Volleyball Olympic Games 2016 European Qualification Berlin (GER) (+1 UTC) 05-10.01 - Winner Russia
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5durattend.Stats Window
Sun 10.01.1616:50RUS Russia3-1FRA France89-8514-2525-1625-2325-21
3rd place Play-Off
Sun 10.01.1613:30POL Poland3-2GER Germany105-11220-2525-2216-2528-2616-14
Sat 09.01.0616:30RUS Russia3-1GER Germany107-9831-3325-2225-1926-24
Sat 09.01.0619:30FRA France3-0POL Poland86-7729-2732-3025-20
RankingwonlstptsgfgapointsratioRkPtsEuro 2015
1. Russia411213:5422/3891.0851.3306.
2. France411213:4416/3531.1787.2961.
3. Poland2+11+1911:9458/4581.0004.3185.
4. Germany2+11+1912:8470/4301.0934.3188.
5. Serbia1234:7233/2570.9076.3167.
6. Bulgaria1233:7215/2390.9003.3204.
7. Belgium0301:9221/2550.8679.26210.
8. Finland0301:9198/2520.7868.26412.
not qualified Olyimpic qualification
-. Slovenia 10.2602.
Russia qualified to Rio 2016 Olympics Men 2016.
France and Poland to Intercontinental Qualification Olympics Men OQ 2016.
First 8 in CEV Rankings were eligible to play.
Italy (2.) has been already qualified via World Cup Men 2015.
Women Olympic Qualification 2016
1. 2 Round Robin Groups. First 2 to 1/2 Finals. From 06 to 08.01.2016.
2. Elimination 1/2 Finals, Final, 3-4 match. 09 and 10.01.2016.

Groups Round.

First 2 to 1/2 Finals. Rest are eliminated.
Group Awonlstptsgfgapointsratio
1. Germany2+1089:2260/2181.193
2. Poland21+078:4276/2601.062
3. Serbia1234:7233/2570.907
4. Belgium0301:9221/2550.867
Germany and Poland advanced to 1/2 Finals.
Poland ---3:13:0
Serbia ---3:1
Belgium ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5durattend.Stats Window
Tue 06.01.1518:00GER Germany3-0BEL Belgium79-6928-2625-1926-24
Tue 06.01.1521:30POL Poland3-1Serbia97-8722-2525-1825-2325-21
Wed 06.01.1518:00GER Germany3-0Serbia75-5025-1625-1425-20
Thu 07.01.1515:00POL Poland3-0BEL Belgium80-6725-2030-2825-19
Fri 08.01.1514:00Serbia3-1BEL Belgium96-8525-1821-2525-2125-21
Fri 08.01.1520:00GER Germany3-2POL Poland106-9921-2525-1725-2220-2515-10
Group Bwonlstptsgfgapointsratio
1. France3099:1245/1871.310
2. Russia2167:3226/2061.097
3. Bulgaria1233:7215/2390.900
4. Finland0301:9198/2520.786
France and Russia advanced to 1/2 Finals.
Russia ---3:03:0
Bulgaria ---3:1
Finland ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5durattend.Stats Window
Tue 06.01.1515:00RUS Russia3-0FIN Finland75-5225-1725-1625-19
Wed 06.01.1515:00BUL Bulgaria3-1FIN Finland102-8929-2725-1523-2525-22
Wed 06.01.1520:30FRA France3-1RUS Russia95-7625-1520-2525-1725-19
Thu 07.01.1518:00RUS Russia3-0BUL Bulgaria75-5925-2025-2225-17
Thu 07.01.1520:30FRA France3-0FIN Finland75-5725-2125-2025-16
Fri 08.01.1517:00FRA France3-0BUL Bulgaria75-5425-1925-2025-15
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