Men 1987 Volleyball X Norceca Championship 1987 Havana (CUB) 13-19.06 - Winner Cuba
Seoul Olympic Games 1988 and Indianapolis Panamerican Games 1987 qualification. Played along with X Norceca Women 1987.
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
FinalFri 19.06.87Cuba3-2United States65-5115-98-1512-1515-1015-2
3-4Fri 19.06.87Canada3-0Dominicana45-1915-1215-315-4
1/2Thu 18.06.87United States3-0Dominicana45-715-315-115-3
1/2Thu 18.06.87Cuba3-0Canada45-1515-215-215-11
5-6Thu 18.06.87Mexico3-0Puerto Rico45-2915-815-1315-13
7-8Thu 18.06.87Panama3-0Guatemala48-2618-1615-715-3
9-10Thu 18.06.87Nicaragua3-1US Virgin Islands54-4015-78-1516-1415-4
1/4Wed 17.06.87Dominicana3-0Mexico45-3015-1115-915-10
1/4Wed 17.06.87Canada3-0Puerto Rico45-2415-615-1015-8
7-10Wed 17.06.87Panama3-0Nicaragua47-2815-717-1515-6
7-10Wed 17.06.87Guatemala3-0US Virgin Islands45-3615-1115-1315-12
Final Rankingwlpfpapointsratio
1. Cuba6018:2245/872.816-1
2. United States5117:4292/1511.934
3. Canada5216:6236/1671.413-1
4. Dominicana4312:9171/2050.834-1
5. Mexico339:9178/1511.179-1
6. Puerto Rico246:12175/2140.818
eliminated in Groups Round.
7. Panama339:10196/2160.907
8. Guatemala246:14166/2350.706-1
9. Nicaragua155:16165/2410.685-1
10.US Virgin Islands062:18132/2890.457
Cuba qualified to Seoul Olympic Games Olympics Men 1988 but later did not accept the invitation co compete in the Games.
United States pre-qualified as World Champions from World Men 1986.
Canada qualified to Olympic Qualification Olympics Men OQ 1988.
Cuba, Canada, Dominicana, Mexico and Puerto Rico quailified to Panamerican Games America Men PG 1987.
United States pre-qualified as Host.
Mexico and Puerto Rico did not compete.

Groups Round.

Winners (Cuba and United States) to advanced to 1/2 Finals. 2nd and 3rd to 1/4 Finals.
Group Awlgfgapointsratio
1. Cuba3012:0135/216.429-1
2. Dominicana319:3100/851.176-1
3. Puerto Rico216:6122/1240.984
4. Guatemala133:1195/1510.629-1
5. Nicaragua042:1283/1540.539-1
Dominicana ---3:03:03:0
Puerto Rico ---3:03:0
Guatemala ---3:2
Nicaragua ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Fri 12.06.87Cuba3-0Nicaragua45-315-015-215-1
Fri 12.06.87Dominicana3-0Puerto Rico45-2415-715-1115-6
Sat 13.06.87Cuba3-0Guatemala
Sat 13.06.87Dominicana3-0Nicaragua
Sun 14.06.87Puerto Rico3-0Nicaragua45-1915-715-815-4
Sun 14.06.87Dominicana3-0Guatemala45-1615-815-715-1
Mon 15.06.87Puerto Rico3-0Guatemala45-1515-515-415-6
Mon 15.06.87Cuba3-0Dominicana45-1015-515-115-4
Tue 16.06.87Guatemala3-2Nicaragua64-6115-811-1516-147-1515-9
Tue 16.06.87Cuba3-0Puerto Rico45-815-215-215-4
Group Bwlpfpapointsratio
1. United States4012:1196/792.481
2. Canada3110:3131/791.658-1
3. Mexico226:6103/771.338-1
4. Panama133:10101/1620.623
5. US Virgin Islands041:1256/1900.295
TeamUnitCanaMexiPanaUS V
United States---3:13:03:03:0
Canada ---3:03:03:0
Mexico ---3:03:0
Panama ---3:1
US Virgin Islands ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Fri 12.06.87United States3-0US Virgin Islands45-915-215-215-5
Fri 12.06.87Canada3-0Mexico
Sat 13.06.87Canada3-0Panama45-1115-015-615-5
Sat 13.06.87Mexico3-0US Virgin Islands45-1315-615-315-4
Sun 14.06.87Mexico3-0Panama45-1915-915-415-6
Sun 14.06.87United States3-1Canada61-4115-615-1216-1815-7
Mon 15.06.87United States3-0Panama45-1615-715-715-2
Mon 15.06.87Canada3-0US Virgin Islands45-715-215-215-3
Tue 16.06.87United States3-0Mexico45-1315-215-715-4
Tue 16.06.87Panama3-1US Virgin Islands55-2715-115-710-1515-4
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