Men 1995 Volleyball Norceca Championship 1995 Edmonton (CAN) -18-23.09 - Winner Cuba
Cuba, United States and Canada qualified to World Cup Men 1995
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Final23.09CUB Cuba3-0USA United States45-2515-815-915-8
3-423.09CAN Canada3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-2515-1215-215-11
5-622.09MEX Mexico3-0DOM Dominicana45-2815-1115-1115-6
1/222.09CUB Cuba3-1CAN Canada54-2615-69-1515-415-1
1/222.09USA United States3-0PUR Puerto Rico47-3415-915-917-16
1/421.09USA United States3-0MEX Mexico45-2515-1115-715-7
1/421.09CAN Canada3-0DOM Dominicana45-1015-415-415-2
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Cuba5015:1234/1022.294
2. United States4212:6234/1891.238
3. Canada3212:6228/1761.295
4. Puerto Rico226:9181/2070.874
5. Mexico134:9142/1770.802
6. Dominicana143:12124/1930.642
7. Haiti030:936/1350.267
US Vurgin Islands - DNS

Groups Round.

Winner to 1/2 Finals. 2nd and 3rd to 1/4 Finals.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Puerto Rico206:31.061
2. Canada115:31.287
3. Mexico021:60.692
-. US Vurgin Islands DNS
Puerto Rico---3:23:1
Canada ---3:0
Mexico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
18.09CAN Canada3-0MEX Mexico45-2415-1015-215-12
19.09PUR Puerto Rico3-2CAN Canada63-6713-154-1515-1215-1116-14
20.09PUR Puerto Rico3-1MEX Mexico59-4815-914-1615-1115-12
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba309:02.647
2. United States216:31.376
3. Dominicana123:60.835
4. Haiti030:90.267
United States ---3:03:0
Dominicana ---3:0
Haiti ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
18.09USA United States3-0DOM Dominicana45-2415-1115-515-8
18.09CUB Cuba3-0HAI Haiti45-715-115-315-3
19.09USA United States3-0HAI Haiti45-1615-415-415-8
19.09CUB Cuba3-0DOM Dominicana45-1715-815-315-6
20.09DOM Dominicana3-0HAI Haiti45-1315-115-415-8
20.09CUB Cuba3-0USA United States45-2715-1215-315-12
2. United StatesPosHgtWgtBirthCollege
1. Brian MooreMB6-821505-06-75Stanford
2. Stein MetzgerS6-420511-11-72UCLA
4. John HydenSW6-521510-07-72San Diego State
5. Mike HoeferMB6-721011-01-74Stanford
6. Andy WittSW6-621003-21-78Santa Ynez
7. Chip McCawS6-419503-24-73Pepperdine
14.Mike LambertOPP6-620504-14-74Stanford
15.Ethan WattsMB6-721005-04-72BYU
16.Dan Landry - COH6-418501-15-70UCLA
18.Matt FuerbringerOPP6-820501-29-74Stanford
Coach: Rudy Suwara
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