Men Volleyball Olympic Games 1992 Intercontinental Qualification - 10-15.05
France and Netherlands qualified to Olympic Games `Men 1992
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. France5015:41.487-1
2. Yugoslavia3213:71.154-1
3. Finland3211:91.093
4. Argentina238:100.916
5. Australia145:130.617
6. Cameroon144:130.930-2
Yugoslavia --- 3:03:13:0
Finland 3:2--- 3:13:0
Argentina 3:1---3:0
Australia ---3:1
Cameroon 3:1 ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Montpellier (FRA)
10.05FIN Finland3-0CMR Cameroon54-3615-515-109-1515-6
10.05YUG Yugoslavia3-1AUS Australia56-3311-1515-515-315-10
10.05FRA France3-1ARG Argentina57-3115-512-1515-415-10
11.05YUG Yugoslavia3-0ARG Argentina45-2315-915-715-7
11.05AUS Australia3-1CMR Cameroon56-5215-119-1515-1017-16
11.05FRA France3-1FIN Finland58-4815-1012-1515-916-14
12.05FIN Finland3-2YUG Yugoslavia60-5611-154-1515-715-715-12
12.05ARG Argentina3-0AUS Australia45-1415-815-415-2
12.05FRA France3-0CMR Cameroon
14.05ARG Argentina3-1FIN Finland59-5014-1615-1115-1315-10
14.05YUG Yugoslavia3-0CMR Cameroon
14.05FRA France3-0AUS Australia45-1715-215-815-7
15.05FIN Finland3-1AUS Australia58-3815-615-713-1515-10
15.05CMR Cameroon3-1ARG Argentina59-4815-715-1214-1615-13
15.05FRA France3-2YUG Yugoslavia72-6013-1515-415-1213-1516-14
Group B. Played at Rotterdam (NED)
In this Group after the Round Robin was played a Final Match.
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Final15.05NED Netherlands3-0POL Poland45-2915-1115-1215- 6
Round Robinwlgfgaratio
1. Poland4113:51.244
2. Netherlands4112:51.559
3. Bulgaria3213:71.330
4. China329:71.071
5. Egypt144:120.733
6. Peru050:150.307
Poland---3:03:2 3:03:0
Netherlands ---3:23:03:03:0
Bulgaria ---3:03:13:0
China3:1 ---3:03:0
Egypt ---3:0
Peru ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
10.05BUL Bulgaria3-0PER Peru45-1215-115-715-4
10.05NED Netherlands3-0CHN China45-2815-515-1115-12
10.05POL Poland3-0EGY Egypt57-4212-1515-615-1015-11
11.05BUL Bulgaria3-0CHN China46-2215-516-1415-3
11.05NED Netherlands3-0EGY Egypt45-915-515-415-0
11.05POL Poland3-0PER Peru45-1115-315-215-6
12.05POL Poland3-0NED Netherlands46-3715-1316-1415-10
12.05CHN China3-0PER Peru45-1715-615-815-3
12.05BUL Bulgaria3-1EGY Egypt56-3815-615-1311-1515-4
13.05POL Poland3-2BUL Bulgaria62-5915-815-1212-155-1515-9
13.05CHN China3-0EGY Egypt46-3116-1415-815-9
13.05NED Netherlands3-0PER Peru45-815-315-315-2
14.05EGY Egypt3-0PER Peru45-2115-915-615-6
14.05CHN China3-1POL Poland56-4515-1011-1515-1015-10
14.05NED Netherlands3-2BUL Bulgaria63-5615-83-1515-1715-415-12
BulgariaEurope Men 19915th
YugoslaviaEurope Men 19916th
PolandEurope Men 19917th
FinlandEurope Men 19918th
ChinaAsia Men 19913rd
AustraliaAsia Men 19914th
ArgentinaSouth America Men 19912nd
PeruSouth America Men 19914th
EgyptAfrica Men 19912nd
CameroonAfrica Men 19914th
Puerto RicoNorceca Men 19915th
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