Women Volleyball Olympic Games 1980 Intercontinental Qualification Pazardzhik (BUL) - 20-24th January - Winner Romania
Played along with Men Volleyball Moskva 1980 Qualification.
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Romania4113:5237/1901.247
2. Bulgaria4113:7265/2301.152
3. Brazil3211:9263/2361.114
4. North Korea239:9241/2061.170
5. Hungary2310:11258/2630.981
6. Mexico050:1586/2250.382
Romania qualified to Volleyball Women 1980
Many NOC's boicotted the games and:
Bulgaria replaced Japan
Brazil replaced United States
Hungary replaced China
Romania--- 3:03:03:23:0
Bulgaria3:1--- 3:13:23:0
Brazil 3:1---3:2 3:0
North Korea ---3:03:0
Hungary 3:2 ---3:0
Mexico ---
South Korea had no diplomatic relations with Bulgaria and was replaced by North Korea.
Canada, Australia and Argentina DNS.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Vasil Levski hall, Pazardzhik
Sun 20.01Bulgaria3-1Romania57-3815-812-1515-615-9
Sun 20.01North Korea3-0Mexico45-1315-515-415-4
Sun 20.01Hungary3-2Brazil64-7117-1515-1215-172-1515-12
Mon 21.01Brazil3-0Mexico45-2415-1115-1115-2
Mon 21.01Bulgaria3-2Hungary66-686-1515-1113-1517-1515-12
Mon 21.01Romania3-0North Korea46-3916-1415-1315-12
Tue 22.01Romania3-0Mexico45-1615-315- 915-4
Tue 22.01Brazil3-1Bulgaria56-4415-915-1011-1515-10
Tue 22.01North Korea3-0Hungary45-2715-515-1315-9
Wed 23.01Romania3-2Hungary63-545-1515-615-1313-1515-5
Wed 23.01Bulgaria3-0Mexico45-1515-615-515-4
Wed 23.01Brazil3-2North Korea67-5915-138-1515-1114-1615-4
Thu 24.01Hungary3-0Mexico45-1815-415-315-11
Thu 24.01Romania3-0Brazil45-2415-1115-715-6
Thu 24.01Bulgaria3-1North Korea53-5315-137-1515-1116-14
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