Women Volleyball Olympic Games 1996 Intercontinental Qualification Osaka, Tokyo (JPN) - 26.05-02.06
Japan, Netherlands and Ukraine qualified to Olympic Games Women 1996.
In this tournament played the best FIVB Ranked teams who did not qualify via Continental qualifications.
Nigeria was replaced by Romania.
Final Rankingwlgfgaratio
1. Japan6119:41.696
2. Netherlands6120:51.430
3. Ukraine5217:81.366
4. Croatia5215:111.026
5. Bulgaria3411:140.993
6. Italy259:150.801
7. Romania164:190.598
8. Taiwan072:210.628
Japan--- 3:03:03:03:03:13:0
Netherlands3:1--- 3:03:03:13:03:0
Ukraine 3:2--- 3:03:03:03:0
Croatia 3:2---3:23:03:03:1
Bulgaria ---3:23:03:0
Italy ---3:03:0
Romania ---3:1
Taiwan ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Osaka
26.05NED Netherlands3-0CRO Croatia45-2815-1015-715-11
26.05UKR Ukraine3-0TPE Taiwan45-2915-1215-1315-4
26.05BUL Bulgaria3-2ITA Italy70-5712-1513-1515-815-915-10
26.05JPN Japan3-1ROU Romania55-2810-1515-515-615-2
27.05CRO Croatia3-2BUL Bulgaria61-6815-1216-148-157-1515-12
27.05NED Netherlands3-0TPE Taiwan45-2915-315-515-11
27.05ITA Italy3-0ROU Romania45-2915-1115-815-10
27.05JPN Japan3-0UKR Ukraine47-2717-1515-1115-1
28.05CRO Croatia3-0ITA Italy45-2615-1315- 915-4
28.05BUL Bulgaria3-0TPE Taiwan45-2015-515-915-6
28.05UKR Ukraine3-0ROU Romania45-1715-315-115-13
28.05NED Netherlands3-1JPN Japan55-4215-1010-1515-615-11
played at Tokyo
30.05UKR Ukraine3-2NED Netherlands69-6810-1510-1515-1115-1019-17
30.05CRO Croatia3-0ROU Romania45-1715-515-515-7
30.05ITA Italy3-0TPE Taiwan45-1615-515-615-5
30.05JPN Japan3-0BUL Bulgaria45-2315-1115-915-3
31.05UKR Ukraine3-0BUL Bulgaria45-1915-415-715-8
31.05CRO Croatia3-1TPE Taiwan66-5420-2216-1415-1215- 6
31.05NED Netherlands3-0ROU Romania45-2215-1015-915-3
31.05JPN Japan3-0ITA Italy45-1115-415-015-7
01.06ROU Romania3-1TPE Taiwan61-4616-1715-815-915-12
01.06NED Netherlands3-0BUL Bulgaria45-2215-715-915-6
01.06UKR Ukraine3-0ITA Italy45-2215-815-815-6
01.06JPN Japan3-0CRO Croatia45-2015-1015-415-6
02.06BUL Bulgaria3-0ROU Romania45-2115-1015-515-11
02.06NED Netherlands3-1ITA Italy56-3915-811-1515-1015-6
02.06CRO Croatia3-2CRO Croatia68-5615-515-1013-1510-1515-11
02.06JPN Japan3-0TPE Taiwan45-2715-1115-915-7
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