Men Volleyball World Cup Five Continents 1969 - Montevideo (URU) 15-27.04 Winner East Germany
Final Groupwlgfgaratio
1. East Germany6018:51.505
2. Czechoslovakia5116:61.408
3. Soviet Union4214:91.242
4. Brazil3311:121.037
5. Japan2412:110.886
6. United States156:150.741
7. Uruguay060:180.467
Final Ranking
First Groups Round
East Germany---3:13:13:03:23:13:0
Czechoslovakia ---3:13:13:13:03:0
Soviet Union ---3:13:23:03:0
Brazil ---3:13:23:0
Japan ---3:03:0
United States ---3:0
Uruguay ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Estadio Cerrado del Penarol (12,000)
19.04JPN Japan3-0USA United States45-2915-1015-1015-9
19.04GDR East Germany3-0BRA Brazil45-3015-1115-1315-6
20.04URS Soviet Union3-0URU Uruguay45-915-215-415-3
20.04BRA Brazil3-2USA United States71-5315-713-1513-1515-1115-5
20.04GDR East Germany3-1TCH Czechoslovakia52-4215-67-1515-716-14
21.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-0URU Uruguay45-2815-1115-1115-6
21.04URS Soviet Union3-2JPN Japan62-5013-154-1515-315-515-12
22.04BRA Brazil3-1JPN Japan57-4112-1515-1015-1115-5
22.04GDR East Germany3-1URS Soviet Union55-2815-015-210-1515-11
23.04GDR East Germany3-0URU Uruguay45-1115-615-215-3
23.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-1JPN Japan45-1315-136-1515-1215-12
24.04JPN Japan3-0URU Uruguay45-2815-1115-815-9
24.04URS Soviet Union3-0USA United States45-2315-1215-1015-1
25.04GDR East Germany3-2JPN Japan59-5415-104-1510-1515-915-5
25.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-0USA United States45-2415-915-815-7
25.04URS Soviet Union3-1BRA Brazil58-3715-713-1515-515-10
26.04USA United States3-0URU Uruguay45-3015-615-1115-13
26.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-1BRA Brazil53-4015-128-1515-815-5
27.04BRA Brazil3-0URU Uruguay45-2015-715-515-8
27.04GDR East Germany3-1USA United States57-4315-1012-1515-815-10
27.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-1URS Soviet Union53-448-1515-615-1215-11
Final Rankingwlgfgaratio
1. East Germany8024:51.627-1
2. Czechoslovakia8125:61.569
3. Soviet Union6320:121.262-1
4. Brazil5417:151.209
5. Japan3515:160.990-1
6. United States4515:151.093-1
7. Uruguay061:180.493
Group 8-12
8. Cuba5215:60.939-3
9. Mexico339:110.832-2
Group 8-12wlgfgaratio
8. Cuba4012:01.731-3
9. Mexico319:61.455-2
Mexico ---3:23:13:1
Chile ---3:-3:2
Tunisia ---3:-
Venezuela ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Santiago (CHI)
19.04CHI Chile3-1TUN Tunisia56-5015-1315-1011-1515-12
19.04MEX Mexico3-1VEN Venezuela53-428-1515-1015-815-9
20.04CUB Cuba3--MEX Mexico
20.04TUN Tunisia3--VEN Venezuela
22.04CUB Cuba3-0TUN Tunisia
22.04CHI Chile3-2VEN Venezuela
23.04MEX Mexico3-2CHI Chile69-5011-1515-515-1013-1515-5
23.04CUB Cuba3-0VEN Venezuela45-1415-115-715-6
25.04CUB Cuba3-0CHI Chile45-2615-1115-715-8
25.04MEX Mexico3-1TUN Tunisia59-3714-1615-1015-415-7

First Groups Round

First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Group 8-12. Uruguay to Final Group directly.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Czechoslovakia309:02.061
2. Soviet Union216:31.533
3. Cuba123:60.770
4. Chile030:90.393
Soviet Union ---3:03:0
Cuba ---3:0
Chile ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Santiago (CHI)
15.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-0CHI Chile45-915-115-115-7
15.04URS Soviet Union3-0CUB Cuba45-1715-515-715-5
16.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-0URS Soviet Union45-2515-615-815-11 0:67
16.04CUB Cuba3-0CHI Chile45-3115-1115-1315-7
17.04TCH Czechoslovakia3-0CUB Cuba46-3215-816-1415-10
17.04URS Soviet Union3-0CHI Chile45-1315-315-615-4
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. East Germany206:03.750-1
2. Japan113:33.000-1
3. Mexico020:60.300
East Germany---3:-3:0
Japan ---3:0
Mexico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Montevideo
15.04JPN Japan3-0MEX Mexico45-1515-415-215-9
16.04GDR East Germany3-0MEX Mexico45-1515-515-615-4
17.04GDR East Germany3--JPN Japan
Group Cwlgfgaratio
1. United States309:02.547
2. Brazil216:31.983
3. Venezuela123:70.547
4. Tunisia031:90.469
United States---3:03:03:0
Brazil ---3:03:0
Venezuela ---3:1
Tunisia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played at Montevideo
15.04USA United States3-0TUN Tunisia45-1015-115-615-3
15.04BRA Brazil3-0VEN Venezuela45-515-015-315-2
16.04USA United States3-0VEN Venezuela45-1415-115-415-9
16.04BRA Brazil3-0TUN Tunisia45-1015-315-115-6
17.04USA United States3-0BRA Brazil45-2915-415-1315-12
17.04VEN Venezuela3-1TUN Tunisia57-4915-1012-1515-1215-12
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